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Remember that episode on Spongebob Squarepants about Wormy?

Sandy leaves SbSp and Pat in charge of her cute pet worm who becomes a pretty butterfly in the morning (and almost destroys bikini bottom)

I had a similar episode today morning when I sat down to eat my (frugal) breakfast (of Champions).. today I picked Corn Flakes (99% fat free please) and exactly 200 ml of (Skim) Milk.

OK so maybe I didn’t sing “a friend is a friend till the end of the end”  with a worm but he was in my bowl! 

So I’m already doing a no sugar challenge and all I ask is for a decent breakfast to keep me fueled for a bit. So this little guy shows up in my bowl before I could place a large spoonful right into my mouth. I almost threw up.

A barely broken-in carton of Kellogs Corn flakes. But in the midst of the grief  and shock, I thought, hey maybe I could expose these MNCs for what they were.. money sucking worms (pun not intended).

I first read the Carton for expiry. Long time for that.

Then I looked for a helpline number. But before I could find that, I saw a sign on the tab  “Store in an airtight container to prevent infestations” 

There you go. Damn you wormy, I still lost my breakfast!

Oh I also discovered that corn flakes have sugar! (note to self: read the labels!)

So wormy are you the good guy or the bad guy?


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* Update on The 30 days NO sugar Challenge!… I got Sponsored!*


I prefer buying books online. It’s so convenient.

You want to hear something really stupid that I do? I browse about for hours in bookstores but end up buying online.

Maybe its not so stupid actually. First of all buying online is convenient and cheap. Second you can buy just about any book ever published. Third you get to read reviews before you buy them. Fourth you can find newer/older editions and buy what you want.. not just what’s available.

I’ve been buying books from a website called for years right from the time it was I can’t even count the number of orders I’ve placed there. They didn’t have a large collection and often the book covers would be “no image to display” but since there weren’t any other better websites, I thought it was the best.

Sometime back however I had a pretty bad experience. I ordered a book that never came. No one even contacted me about it and after a month I get a lousy apology letter and a idiotic “customer experience improvement survey” link (like that’s going to be pretty!) So I stopped buying there.

In my first sem at college in 2006 I borrowed this book from the college library Moment Of Truth: Redefining The Ceo’s Brand Management Agenda. The Biggest mistake of my life. I accidentally dropped it on the railway tracks (smart ha?) and I had to return it. They didn’t want the money! they wanted the book! Apparently it was an imported book and impossible to get. I have hunted all over the city for that book! I’ve googled it a million times and never got an Indian website that sold it.

So I ended up buying a second hand copy from barnes and nobles and the shipping was more expensive than the book. It costed me 3 months worth pocket money.

Remember Baked: New Frontiers in Baking Well I saw it on amazon and I really wanted to buy it. After my fallout with I wasn’t going there. So I decided to google ” Baked: New frontiers + India + online book store” was the first link. A new site? I suppose so but they have it! yay! I searched for more books. And more and more.. they had them all (with images and descriptions please)! OK time for the acid test… the moment of truth.. (pun not intended). I punched in the name of that damned college library book.  I FOUND. THAT. BOOK.

Where were you in 2006??!

I ordered Baked and Ben&Jerry’s Ice Cream book and you know how much I’ve been raving about those books.

Okay now back to the point..

This is actually and update on the 30 Days No Sugar Challenge.

Remember I linked two books

and as what I get for winning the challenge?

well guess what? some really nice people at actually decided to sponsor my challenge!

Oh wow! all I have to do is NOT eat sugar and I get two great books!

That as Tapas, a nice guy over at flipkart mentioned is ‘the icing on the cake’.. I couldn’t agree more ( even though I can’t eat any of that! 🙂 )

Wish me luck people! Its Day 7 of the challenge and I’m going pretty strong! (touch wood)

Thank you (oh so much!) Flipkart and Tapas (no issues with me using your name right?)

And if it really wasn’t clear enough I’m a fan + customer for life 😀

Oh and do visit it really has a great collection of books and free shipping in India!

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The No Sugar 30 day Challenge

The thing is that I  ♥ sugar. And who doesn’t?

Maybe this is somewhat off topic for a “Food Blog” but I guess this entry would affect my future posts bigtime.

The other day I had a chat with my cousin and I was in complete awe. He (quite like me) was a lover of all good food, and when I say good food I mean “real food” in the perverse context. Sloppy joes, sodas, cheesecake, pizzas, fries, candy candy candy in all shapes and sizes.

To be honest the last person we thought would watch his weight would be him. He seemed quite happy at his 120kg/264lb high fat percentage body, he ate all he ever wanted and almost never moved anywhere beyond his refrigerator.

One day in his own words he “got tired of living a boring and unhealthy life.”

Today he hasn’t quite reached his fintess goal of 10% body fat but he isn’t too far at 14% but after having lost 36.4 kg/ 80lb and gaining a ton of muscle, I just can’t recognise him anymore!

His outlook to food, life and his body has changed tremendously. He hasn’t missed a workout in a year, still doesn’t eat dessert but he doesn’t feel like he is denying himself it’s more like something he wants to do rather than being forced to do it. I’m not sure if I would ever be able to do that but I really need to cut down on the sweet stuff (for sure).

A.H, boy are we proud of you or what!

He has tried (several times) to put me on one of his military diet plans and I’ve always let him down. I’ve always tried to cook a little healthier and have succeeded somewhat but never really got those results that I want and deserve maybe because of many bad habits.

But I really want to change for real! I mean I’m tired of living a boring and (somewhat) unhealthy life too!

You can find my Cousin on

and twitter (I don’t quite remember his last update)

So I’ve decided to take the One Month No Sugar Challenge (3rd june 2009- 3rd july 2009)

These are the ground rules:

1. No desserts of any kind.

2. No added sugar drinks

3. No sweet condiments (not even ketchup)

4. No refined carbs (white bread, white rice etc)

5. No sugar substitutes either

OK if I win this challenge I get to buy 


So that is my treat! and I don’t get them if I don’t stick to the plan!!

I’d love for others to join me too.. those are the ground rules, feel free to take your own baby steps to your fintess goal, whatever it be. I’d love some feedback people!

Again congo to my cuz and all the best to me (God save me!)

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