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No bake lemon yogurt tart/pudding/cassata

So I whipped this awesome tartie thingie quite some time back and I completely forgot to blog about it!

I really love the acerbic taste of a fresh lemon and tart lemon pies and puddings but lemon curd based desserts are just so rich! All the egg yolks and sugar it’s to egg-y and heavy for my liking.

Yogurt is another one of my favourites and I just love how flavoured yogurt can capture fruit flavours and lend a light and summery mouthfeel.

So I mixed them both up. The results were pretty good; got a nice no-bake pudding/tart/frozen dessert; almost like a lemony cassata.

What you need:

1 pack of lemon flavoured pudding mix

1 cup of strained or greek style yogurt

sugar as per taste

1 tbs fresh lemon juice and rind

1/2 tsp lemon essence

10 digestive biscuits broken into chunks

1/2 cup glace fruits, nuts and fresh fruit chunks (fresh fruit is optional)

What to do:

1. prepare the lemon pudding and set aside to cool (should be equvivalent to one cup)

2. Put the digestive biscuits in a deep dish

3. Beat yogurt with sugar, lemon juice and essence

4. Mix cooled pudding with yogurt and gently fold in the glace fruit and nuts

5. Pour over digestive biscuits

6. Freeze till set. Garnish with fresh fruit or lemon slices. Cut into slices and serve.


September 25, 2009 at 12:26 pm 3 comments

Frozen Yogurt

I have this archaic ice cream maker that I bought a really long time ago and never really used it. It’s quite lousy as I learned soon after I started making my frozen yogurt..Never mind that it never really froze in the machine, my freezer came to the rescue and the result was FAB.

It was really simple and a lot of fun. I would do it again but maybe with a new ice-cream maker.


What you need: (serves: as much as you want)

A really creamy variety of yogurt or yogurt that has been hung in a cheesecloth for 4-6 hours
Vanilla extract/essence
Powdered sugar

What to do:

1. Beat the yogurt with the sugar and vanilla
2. Freeze as per ice cream maker manufacturers instructions.


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