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* Update on The 30 days NO sugar Challenge!… I got Sponsored!*


I prefer buying books online. It’s so convenient.

You want to hear something really stupid that I do? I browse about for hours in bookstores but end up buying online.

Maybe its not so stupid actually. First of all buying online is convenient and cheap. Second you can buy just about any book ever published. Third you get to read reviews before you buy them. Fourth you can find newer/older editions and buy what you want.. not just what’s available.

I’ve been buying books from a website called for years right from the time it was I can’t even count the number of orders I’ve placed there. They didn’t have a large collection and often the book covers would be “no image to display” but since there weren’t any other better websites, I thought it was the best.

Sometime back however I had a pretty bad experience. I ordered a book that never came. No one even contacted me about it and after a month I get a lousy apology letter and a idiotic “customer experience improvement survey” link (like that’s going to be pretty!) So I stopped buying there.

In my first sem at college in 2006 I borrowed this book from the college library Moment Of Truth: Redefining The Ceo’s Brand Management Agenda. The Biggest mistake of my life. I accidentally dropped it on the railway tracks (smart ha?) and I had to return it. They didn’t want the money! they wanted the book! Apparently it was an imported book and impossible to get. I have hunted all over the city for that book! I’ve googled it a million times and never got an Indian website that sold it.

So I ended up buying a second hand copy from barnes and nobles and the shipping was more expensive than the book. It costed me 3 months worth pocket money.

Remember Baked: New Frontiers in Baking Well I saw it on amazon and I really wanted to buy it. After my fallout with I wasn’t going there. So I decided to google ” Baked: New frontiers + India + online book store” was the first link. A new site? I suppose so but they have it! yay! I searched for more books. And more and more.. they had them all (with images and descriptions please)! OK time for the acid test… the moment of truth.. (pun not intended). I punched in the name of that damned college library book.  I FOUND. THAT. BOOK.

Where were you in 2006??!

I ordered Baked and Ben&Jerry’s Ice Cream book and you know how much I’ve been raving about those books.

Okay now back to the point..

This is actually and update on the 30 Days No Sugar Challenge.

Remember I linked two books

and as what I get for winning the challenge?

well guess what? some really nice people at actually decided to sponsor my challenge!

Oh wow! all I have to do is NOT eat sugar and I get two great books!

That as Tapas, a nice guy over at flipkart mentioned is ‘the icing on the cake’.. I couldn’t agree more ( even though I can’t eat any of that! 🙂 )

Wish me luck people! Its Day 7 of the challenge and I’m going pretty strong! (touch wood)

Thank you (oh so much!) Flipkart and Tapas (no issues with me using your name right?)

And if it really wasn’t clear enough I’m a fan + customer for life 😀

Oh and do visit it really has a great collection of books and free shipping in India!


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Top ten Food-related memories

I love IMBB – another interesting Food Blogger event. This one is hosted by Caitlin at Food Nerd 

My top ten Food-related memories 


1. My late grandmother once bought a miniature ceramic tea set for me. I would drink cups and cups of  “tea” (read: water) from it and offer everyone their cups. My sister and grandmother would play along for hours with me. 

2. My kiddie battery operated Kitchen Set. I fell in love with it the minute I saw it. There was a 75% discount  sale in that store, and you wont believe it but I actually pushed everyone and bought it before anyone could even read the carton.

3. My first attempt at Dal. I was 7 I had seen my mum make dal and assumed it was really easy. I filled a glass with water and mixed turmeric, salt and (a tablespoon of) asafoetidia. Then I stirred it and took a sip. I almost threw up.

4. The first time I made Chocolate chip cookies with my sister. Sis started getting bored of making multiple batches and suggested that we make one chocolate chip cookie with all the batter rather than many.

I didn’t understand what she meant by that so she explained, “I mean instead of many chocolate chip cookies lets make one CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE” she said that in a hoarse voice and a really distorted expression to emphasise the size. I almost died by laughter that day.  😀



5. On our Holiday in Dubai we went on the Desert Safari and ate the most exotic kababs on earth. I did a foolish thing I thought I was being greedy and left one skewer which turned out to be the best one. (I stole a couple of pieces from my sisters plate- So I was greedy anyway 😛 )


6.  Once on a holiday to a hill-station during the monsoon we bought some of the freshest, most delicious radish, the sweetest corn and the juiciest carrots. I don’t think I’d ever eaten vegetables that tasted so good.


7. Id- Ul-Fitr every year is the most awesome time (probably the only real festival we have anyway) Sheer Kurma and Qurbaani Mutton Biryani  just gets better every year.


8. I love getting assorted chocolate boxes as gifts. My sister and I would read the label and the description of each type of chocolate and rate them according to preference. 


9. Samosa Pav at my School Cafeteria and Chinese Bhel at my College Cafeteria. Not to forget the Paneer Schezwan Frankie outside school. The Mix Fountain Soda was another School favourite. It’s a unique combination of Sprite, Pepsi and Fanta. Too bad they stopped it because it was unhealthy for the kids (Spoilsports) 😦


10. My first experience with Chello Kabab at Blue Nile in Pune. Its flavoured rice with Seekh Kababs. The dish looks dull and flavourless but the minute you mouth a spoonful, you’re in Heaven. We always eat there when in Pune. 


Hey that was fun! thanks Caitlin 🙂

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Lazy cupcakes

OK so I’m not giving you a new recipe today but a new trick that I learnt all thanks to my laziness. You see I didn’t have any muffin tin liners and I was too lazy to get some so I decided to line my tins with regular baking paper.

So I got my scissors out and started tracing out rounds using my muffin tin pan as a guideline.

However my laziness persisted.

I just cut two long thin strips of paper and criss-crossed and pasted them with butter  on the bottom of my muffin tin. One cross at the bottom of each.

I just dusted the top with flour and poured my cupcake batter.


They didn’t stick a bit! Easy peasy 🙂


It’s a good idea to have a pit of the paper peeping out from below. YOu cna use that to pull the muffin out.



nice right?


However a word of caution. Only do this when you don’t have muffin liners and are too lazy. The muffins aren’t really the prettiest shape. :S 


There had to be a catch right 😛

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