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Baked Potato Wedges

Some days you just need it. Quick carbs that is.

I had seen this interesting recipe by the purple foodie which she had adapted from lottie + doof to get a stronger garlic flavour.

I like love garlic but 8 cloves of them? too much for me! but still I loved the whole idea of baking them and she seemed so elated with the results I just had to try the technique.

It was a smashing success! fantastic fries I absolutely loved them!

However I did change the recipe quite a bit;

  • I added a tablespoon of tomato soup powder – gave a great tangy tomato flavour
  • reduced the garlic to 3 cloves
  • used tapioca instead of cornflour – I prefer tapioca, it binds way better and faster than cornflour
  • Increased the quantity of potatoes greatly! used 7 medium sized ones without altering the proportion of any of the ingredients- perfect proportions.

The best part is, I could salvage almost 3 tbs of oil post baking! so not much really went into 7 whole potatoes. This was brilliant.

So thats it! great, great, great stuff! I totally recommend it to everyone who loves fries and has an oven. Seriously.

You can check out  the purple foodie or lottie + doof for the detailed recipe and techinque follow whichever version you prefer.

Honestly, didn’t need the kitchen paper to drain 😀


September 29, 2009 at 12:26 pm 3 comments

Miniature Pancakes

OK why miniature??

I don’t know! just a whim! but they were super cute. I like pancakes once in a while. If I crave for pancakes as a main course, it’s got to be the paper-thin no rise kind.

But If it’s a  decadent Sunday Morning breakfast, I go for the fluffy baking powder kind.

What you need

1 large egg (the fluffier the pancake, the better)

1 cup flour (I used whole)

3/4 cup milk (I used soy)

1/4 tsp baking powder

Salt to taste

What to do:

1. Sift flour with baking powder.

2. Mix everything in a bowl and whisk till a thick-ish consistency is obtained

3. Pour in small ladleful’s onto a hot greased skillet

4. Cover and cook on low for a minute on each side.

5. Serve warm

July 11, 2009 at 6:00 am 2 comments

Baked again: Red Hot Velvet Cake with Cinnamon Buttercream

Page 53: Baked New Frontiers in Baking

I got really tempted and made the Red Hot Velvet Cake from the book.

Well they were nice… But I probably won’t do this recipe again. I guess I went wrong somewhere but I liked the cupcakes.. not loved them. 

The frosting was a real winner though. The pistachios were my personal touch.




They tasted good no doubt, but I would really really really recommend the green tea frosted almond cupcakes from the same book. Those were a dream.

May 28, 2009 at 3:00 am Leave a comment

More veg less egg frittata

I really love frittata. It’s way better than eating a boring omelet. Also, veggies in any form are welcome in my usual high carb high protien diet.

So anyway, I made a fritata with just one egg but a lot of veg and it was surprisingly good. Also I could afford to reduce the egg and use low fat cottage cheese as topping. That stuff even melted!

More Veg Less Egg Frittata

What you need:

1 large egg

4-5 large mushrooms

1-2 baby corn (obviously) on  the cobs

1 small red onion, sliced

1 clove of garlic, finely chopped

1 green chili, finely chopped (modify if you want)

¼ cup of low fat cottage cheese (or any cheese you like)

2 tbs milk

Salt to taste

Chopped cilantro



What to do:

1. Beat the egg with salt pepper and milk.
2. Stir-fry the veggies with salt and pepper
3. Pour beaten egg over veggies cover and let it cook till bottom is firm
4. Remove from flame and top with crushed cottage cheese
5. Bake on 180C for 10 minutes to brown the top
6. top with cilantro and serve


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Entry for Tasty tools: Muffin Tins

I’m really excited because this is effectively my first EVER entry to any food blogging event. 

It all started because of twitter… One of my tweets happened to have entered a “food blogging event” now what in the world was that supposed to mean?? Something that involves sharing AND cooking? wow. 

Thats when I came across IMBB

Is My blog Burning has a list of all upcoming food blogging events and that’s a great tool really. Just what I was looking for 🙂

Thats when I saw the tasty tools event hosted by Joelen. I thought that is was a really innovative idea!

A lot of food bloggers host events by highlighting different types of ingredients but sometimes we forget how critical the right equipment is to the success of your dish. I’m serious! for instance you may have all the ingredients for a dozen of cupcakes but if you don’t have a muffin tin.. you can’t make them! 😛 I know it may sound like a silly thought but seriously, think about it. I never thought about it either till I came across the Tasty tools event. 

So Joelen highlights one tool or should I say ‘tasty tool’ every month and you have to send in a recipe using that tool. So I made mine. 

To be REALLY honest this is the first time I made these. I practically invented these! 

I happened to visit the taco bell website (do not ask me why) and I saw the “New fully loaded taco salads” 

Here’s the description: A crispy tortilla bowl filled with seasoned ground beef, real cheddar cheese, hearty beans, crisp, shredded lettuce, diced ripe tomatoes, and reduced fat sour cream. 

I read this and basically thought “outside the Bun.”

Whatever I had to do, I had to do from scratch. Taco’s are deep fried and I seriously didn’t need that. Besides using an oven tool I could avoid the frying.

So I deicded to make baked muffin tin Tacos  or should I simply call them Bacos or Macos ?


Macos Recipe

What you need

1 cup of whole flour

1/4 cup rice flour

1 tbs olive oil

salt as per taste

paprika (optn)

water to knead


What to do:

  1. Preheat oven to 160 C/320 F
  2. Mix all ingredients and form a soft dough.
  3. Sprinkle flour over a marble top and roll dough untill thin and virtually transparent. 
  4. Use a pastry cutter or a bowl to cut out a circle large enough to fit into your muffin tin. Prick with a fork.
  5. Place the round cut outs on to your muffin tin
  6.  Insert the cut outs into the muffin tin spaces
  7. Bake for 15-20 min till golden brown and crunchy.

Here you have it. Crunchy little baskets waiting for you to fill with something good. 


And some more pics



I filled mine with lettuce, refried beans and sour cream. Heaven 😀




They’re so tiny I couldn’t eat just one…


Maybe another? 



How about some dessert? 

Banana slices with nuttela. 


Ohh yes that was good.

My-eye view 😛


Ok now good bye’s one for you!


April 28, 2009 at 6:20 am 6 comments

Fruit, Nut and Grain bars/whatchamacallit

I absolutely love experimenting with oats. The other day I wanted a quick fix. something oat-ey and nutty and fruity but please not a boring bowl of oatmeal.

Whenever I experiment, I simply just keep going and letting things happen rather than actually thinking about what I want to eat.

Thus was born the oat, fruit, nut and grain bars/whatchamacallit. These are very crunchy and  chunky and really good.

What you need:

2 cups of quick cook oats

2 tsp of powdered flax seed (optn)

1 large ripe banana

1 tbs butter

1/4 cup of mixed sliced nuts

1/4 cup of raisins and other dry fruit

Sugar/honey as per your taste

1 pinch of salt


What you need to do:

  • Preheat oven to 150 C /300 F
  • Finely powder one cup of the oats
  • puree the banana
  • mix all the ingredients together
  • add just a bit of water if too clumpy (not too much)
  • press mix onto oiled baking sheet
  • bake for 30  minutes till dry and flaky.


Gr8 with sliced banana or just crushed into yoghurt or milk.

April 24, 2009 at 5:00 am 1 comment

Almond Green Tea Cupcakes from Baked

As I had mentioned in my last post, I bought two new books one of them being “Baked: New Frontiers in baking”

I was dying to try out something from that book and here I am! I made the almond and green tea cupcakes (page 76)

I always feel that baking cakes/cupcakes is something you should save for when you have a crowd. It’s fun when you can watch other people enjoy what you have cooked. So I got the perfect chance. I catered 😛 for my mothers tea party. Well a party would be an exaggeration, it was more like a little gossip over tea.

Anyways I made the cupcakes and OMG they were fab!


I followed the recipe to the tee and its a good thing I did.

The frosting was a dream.. green tea powder made like a pastry cream first and then ends up as butter cream frosting.. the guests were guessing what went in it.. ‘pistachios’ is where the guessing stopped.


Lets zoom in to see the frosting… mmmm

I still have a bit of the frosting in my refrigerator and I have discovered the pleasures of licking bits of it off my fingers.

April 9, 2009 at 8:19 pm 1 comment

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